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Yilmaz UK Ltd was founded in 2015 and has quickly developed into a market leader supplier for industrial gearboxes, electric motors and variable speed drives. Yilmaz UK Ltd is part of the Richard Alan Engineering Group which is based in Dewsbury West Yorkshire. The Yilmaz brand for over 15 years was supplied to UK customers from another division of the Richard Alan Engineering Group, Pumps & Gearboxes Ltd.

After many discussions we realised the Yilmaz brand in the UK needed it’s own identity to help grow the product range in the UK market and in 2015 Yilmaz UK Ltd was founded.

Yilmaz UK Ltd assemble many different types of industrial gearboxes from component part format at our production facility in Birstall West Yorkshire.  We also keep in stock a full range of ELK Electric Motors up to 315kW. ELK Electric Motors is a company part of the Yilmaz Reduktor family in Turkey. Variable speed drives suitable for many different applications are also available from Yilmaz UK Ltd up to 630kW.








Yilmaz Reduktor was founded in 1958 and quickly became Turkey’s leading gearbox manufacturer, aided by consistent product quality, work discipline, strategic planning and consistent vision. Today Yilmaz Reduktor remains Turkey’s leading gearbox producer and is rapidly becoming well known throughout the world.

Yilmaz Reduktor uses it’s extensive experience to develop new products, uses the latest available product technology and continually invests in engineering to provide its customers with products that fulfil the expectations of the world market. Yilmaz products are used in many industries and customers regard Yilmaz as a trusted gearbox partner.


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