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Yilmaz Reduktor has launched its new small high-performance, high-efficient K-Series geared motor units. The 3 new sizes will be added to the existing 7 sizes within the Yilmaz K-Series range. Output sizes now starting from 20mm diameter up to and including 110mm diameter and a nominal torque value from 50nm to 15,000nm.

Yilmaz developed the smaller size K-Series helical bevel gearbox to offer customers a high efficient product over an in-efficient worm and wheel gearbox. Like a worm and wheel gearbox the new sizes of Yilmaz K-Series is low cost but using this new efficient product can reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

Worm and wheel gearbox size 50 – Ratio 50/1,  Nominal Torque 63nm, Efficiency 62% 

New small K-Series gearbox size 003 – Ratio 50/1, Nominal Torque 80nm, Efficiency 91%

For example if a customer has an application which requires 50nm of output torque with a final speed of 28rpm, based on a worm and wheel geared motor we would have to select a 0.25Kw motor with a 25mm diameter output on the gearbox.

Based on the same requirement but with the new Yilmaz high efficient K-Series gearbox, we would select a 0.18Kw motor with a 20mm diameter output on the gearbox and this would still give the customer the same required output torque, final speed and safety factor.

So if you are looking to save money and require a quality product rather than a throw away worm gearbox then think Yilmaz K-Series helical bevel geared motors and give us a call on 01924 284 320.

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