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Outstanding R-Series Planetary, Foot Mounted Gearboxes from Yilmaz UK have a modular design and consist of sun, planet and internal gearing.

Offering a high torque density advantage with the help of a compact housing and bearing solutions for high radial and axial loads – coupled with a myriad of output shaft options (e.g. solid shaft, shrink disk, hollow shaft with splines and solid shaft with splines).

Further features include worm and bevel gear unit coupling options to decrease output speed, and different cooling and lubrication options for various working conditions.

A full range of options and accessories are available providing total flexibility and diverse drive options.

For more information, please contact:
Chris Long | UK Sales Manager
T: 01924 284 320 | M: 07740 409 108
E: chrislong@yilmazuk.co.uk


R-Series Planetary, Foot Mounted Gearboxes

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