H.B Series

Drywell/Mixer - Industrial Helical Geared Units

H series mixer gearboxes with forced output shaft bearings, special sealings and extra oil leakage pool to prevent oil leakage out of gear unit. They are specifically designed for food and wastewater treatment industries where oil leakage can be a problem. Oil leakage can also be detected with optional oil sensor.

Input Type

HKB Series

With IEC B5 motor flange

HTB Series

With solid input shaft

HVB Series

With IEC B5 flange and motor

Output Type

H.B.0A Series

Drywell with hollow output shaft

H.B.1A Series

Drywell with solid output shaft

H.B.SA Series

Drywell with shrink disc

    Specifications & Advantages

  • Reinforced bearings and flange for withstanding high radial and axial loads.
  • Special sealings, extra oil leakage pool and optional oil sensor to detect and prevent the oil leakage.
  • Labyrinth sealing for excessive dust.


Gearbox Gearbox Size
Ratio Range Ratio Range [i]
Nominal Torque Nominal Torque [Nm]
Hollow Shaft Diameter Hollow Shaft Diameter [mm]
H062 8 - 107 11.000 Ø110/210
H072 6 - 318 19.000 Ø120/210
H082 8 - 403 24.000 Ø130/250
H092 6 - 339 29.000 Ø150/250
H102 8 - 419 36.000 Ø160/300
H112. 6 - 314 55.000 Ø170/300
H122 8 - 404 70.000 Ø180/300