P.B Series

Drive Units for Slewing Tower Cranes

P.B series are compact planetary gearboxes with the capacity to reliably carry the high radial load and peak torques, which they are exposed due to the working principle. They are generally used in the blade-nacelle guidance of wind turbines and tower crane rotation. Pinion gears can be produced with output shaft as a single piece when desired.

Input Type

PNB Series

With IEC B5/B14 motor flange

PTB Series

With solid input shaft

PVB Series

With AC Motor

Output Type

P.B.01 Series

With solid output shaft

P.B.P1 Series

With integrated pinion shaft

    Specifications & Advantages

  • Wide torque and ratio range
  • Reinforced bearings and flange for withstanding high radial and axial loads.
  • Integrated pinion shaft made of 8620 material upon request.
  • Oil expansion tank for humid environment.


Gearbox Gearbox Size
Ratio Range Ratio Range [i]
Nominal Torque Nominal Torque [Nm]
Hollow Shaft Diameter Hollow Shaft Diameter [mm]
P.B15..L 4 - 2.858 3.100 Ø80/170
P.B16..L 4 - 2.858 5.000 Ø80/170
P.B19..L 4 - 2.957 8.500 Ø100/210
P.B23..L 3 - 2.456 12.500 Ø120/210
P.B24..L 3 - 2.456 20.000 Ø120/210