V Series

Hoist Drum Drive Units

V series gear units are three stage, helical-geared hoist drum drive units. Input and output centre distances are as far apart as possible. Input and output shafts are parallel to each other. Output shafts are splined according to standards

Input Type

VR Series

Direct motor coupled

Output Type

VR.0T Series

Drum Connection Flange

VR.1K Series

Splined Output Shaft (DIN 5480)

VR.1L-1M Series

Opt. Splined Output Shaft (DIN 5480)

    Specifications & Advantages

  • GGG40 sphero cast iron monoblock housings
  • With the help of taper rolling bearings they have the capability of withstanding high radial loads.
  • Input and output centre distances are as far apart as possible to allow the use of larger drums
  • Electromagnetic brakes, encoder and fan cooling applications
  • Optional drum connection flange
  • Nitrated and splined output shafts
  • Bolted connections are made directly on the housing through connection holes
  • Wide speed range
  • Designed for double- and single-speed brake motors


Gearbox Gearbox Size
Ratio Range Ratio Range [i]
Nominal Torque Nominal Torque [Nm]
Hollow Shaft Diameter Hollow Shaft Diameter [mm]
VR273 Ø140 41 Ø2,0
VR373 Ø140 41 Ø3,2
VR473 Ø170 41 Ø6,3
VR573 Ø266 41 Ø12,5
VR673 Ø295-325 41 Ø20-25
VR773 Ø320 41 Ø32
VR873 Ø400 41 Ø50