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Dereli DAF Brake Series


A quality range of Current Supply Brakes.


Areas of Application:


  • Revolving Door

  • Sewing Machine

  • Textile Machinery

  • Offset Printing Machine

  • Automation Technology


  • Noise level is <70 Db for brakes
  • For motors of different sizes, high braking torque has been provided
  • Electromagnetic coils are enfolded to coil moulds, which are made of heatproof material and protected with epoxy (coil insulation range is H-180°)
  • All mechanical parts are electrolysed and protected against corrosion
  • In brakes long-life. high coefficient of friction and asbestos free brake pads are used
  • Brake coil bodies are manufactured from GGG42 sphrocasting which reduces hysteresis losses to minimum
  • Brakes are designed to be used in all types of motors by changing intermediate connection flanges
  • Brakes can operate in every position
  • All mechanical parts are processed in CNC workbenches
  • All brakes are designed consistent to microswitch, proxyswitch and encoder assembly
  • Brakes are manufactured as 24 VDC special requests
  • Brakes are manufactured in DAF models between 8Nm to 480Nm torque levels.

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